Hidepad is a software which protects screen and is the best way to protect your ideas. You know how it happens sometimes – e.g. you take subway and suddenly you are illuminated with an absolutely genius, fantastic idea (btw, that’s how the geophysics was invented). So, this idea catches you in a subway, when there are people around you. No, hundreds of people, whose eyes are hunting out for something to read. Well, it’s absolutely impossible to write down your secret, brilliant ideas under such conditions. And that's the point where we step up, introducing you a Hidepad! Hidepad is the way to type your thoughts not being afraid that someone would steal them. Special protect shield for screen is a secure way to hide everything away from prying eyes. It is especially convenient that this cover appears only when you need it - in crowded surroundings, at the impornant meetings, in any kind of public places.